MVRV Ratio (Pricing)

The Decred Realised Price represents the psychological cost basis of the market, pricing each coin at the time the UTXO was created. The Realised Price for Decred differs to Bitcoin in that Decred stronmg hand hodlers are responsible for significnat on-chain volumes in tickets. Therefore, the realised price is ideal for assessing the value where the aggregate market last interacted with their coins, whether to buy and hold, sell, spend or buy a ticket. The MVRV Ratio is an oscillator constructed from the ratio of the Market Cap to the Realised Cap. For MVRV Values greater than 1, it historically signals a bull market trend and the Realised Price acts as support. Conversely, where the MVRV is less than 1, it signals bearish conditions and the Realised Price is a strong market resistance.